Saturday, March 28, 2009

severodvinsk class submarines

Russia made quite a pile of money when the gas prices touched the sky sometime back. And even then it has a lot of natural resources which it sells to Europe and earns quite a handsome amount.severodvinsk class submarines

All this money is helping Capital Russia invest in its military and armament industries and helping fuel growth of ventures which are not really amicable in the eyes of the world.

Severodvinsk Class Submarines

Word is just in that Russia is building at the minimum 6 nuclear powered submarines which will be equipped with long range cruise missiles for its blue water wide reach navy. Also, sometime back I had read that Russia is renewing its sky patrolling close to the NATO countries. This practice was regular during the cold war era days but during the chaos in the 90s had stopped.

The severodvinsk class submarines category of submarines are being constructed at the severodvinsk class submarines shipyard. This region is the hub of Russian nuclear underwater submersible division region. The expected time of go live would be sometime in 2011 according to research institutes.

According to Russian military experts, these supersonic, highly maneuvering missiles suported on the nuclear submarines will be designed to take down enemy aircraft carriers if the latter poses a direct threat to Russia’s security of severodvinsk class submarines.

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