Tuesday, December 30, 2008

cookie diet

Smart For Life, Eat Cookies, Lose Weight. It's That Simple. For first time ever our famous healthy cookies are available for an at home program. Our cookies are all natural made with 60% organic ingredients. Excellent taste and maximum appetite suppression. No GMO, Natural, No preservative. Heart Healthy nutrients. Each cookie is a meal. Our 40 medical centers have trained doctors and staff to help you achieve your goal. All first time orders will include a free BMI and a free center visit (optional)

Smart For Life products are made with Triple filtered water (we do not use municipal city water like other so called "Cookie Diets" do) and are made in an AIB certified bakery. Have FDA approved health claims. Only Smart For Life diet cookies have Sasson ™ Technology that uses a Unique blend of Amino acids, Fiber and fruit sugar to give you the best appetite suppression.

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