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how to make Pizza Dough From Scratch

how to make Pizza Dough From Scratch tutorial .
these days these there has been lots of people wanting to make Pizza Dough From Scratch , i have seen in many cook forums and in answers website about how to make Pizza Dough From Scratch, hence i decided to put an end to this question about Pizza Dough From Scratch.

ok finally let me stat my tutorial about Pizza Dough From Scratch.Even though yeast breads get made in our home quite frequently thanks to Brett, this is the first one that I've actually done. I've been wanting to make pizza dough for a while now. Pizza is most definitely my favorite food, but when I eat it, I always feel so guilty and unhealthy. I felt like making my own pizza, with my own toppings, would quell some of those guilty feeling. Brett was not sold on the idea because he thinks that Boboli crusts are just fine and that making dough is too time consuming. But I say if you've got the time, at least try it!

Making the dough went well. I did ask Brett for his expert advice a couple of times. I kept adding flour beyond what the recipe called for because it was not forming a "firm dough." I don't think it ever did, rather I just gave up and said, "Firm enough!" This was not a rising dough recipe, so I just let it rest for 10 minutes and then rolled it out.
I love my rolling mat and tool! No measuring necessary!

The trickiest part was transferring the rolled out dough to the cookie sheet (we used to have a really nice pizza pan but we have no idea where it went.) I was able to pick it up despite it sticking just a little to the mat, and after suppressing the strong urge to toss it in the air, I got it onto the silpat in more or less the same shape. It baked by itself for a little while and then it was time for the toppings.

I got so excited about the toppings that I forgot to put the cheese on first! It doesn't really matter as far as taste goes...I think. We put thinly slice red onion (thank you mandoline,) pineapple, turkey pepperoni, and for those of you eagle eyes, yes the last of our bacon is on there too. (The bacon was the best part!)

We didn't use the best quality of mozzarella for pizza (part skim low moisture) so it melted funny. But it tasted fine and I'm sure its more healthy than usual pizza mozzarella.
The crust was a little bit crunchy for me, but Brett gladly ate mine. I prefer soft crust like a breadstick. Maybe next time I will cook it slightly less. I think it was better than Boboli and less expensive too if you don't mind spending some extra time making it. Most importantly, I satisfied my need for pizza and said goodbye to pizza guilt!
(do post your personal experiments with making Pizza Dough )

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