Tuesday, January 13, 2009

naughty teacher christine mcCallum sex scandal

the latest hot news online is about the teacher sex scandal , where in a primary school teacher had been havesex with 13 guy for more thatn 2 years.its reported that the teacher slept with boy 300 times . the boy was reposted saying they had sex the every other day teacher had sex(or raped..?) with the boy 300 times.

Christine A. McCallum, the elementary school teacher who has been accused of raping a 13 year old boy over 300 times.Christine A. McCallum, a 29 year old 5th grade teacher in the Boston area, has been accused of raping a 13 year old boy. McCallum reportedly had sex over 300 times with the boy over a period of a year and a half, and allegedly wooed with him alcohol and slept with him on kitchen floors, couches, and in the shower. She has been charged with seven counts of statutory rape for incidents that started in February 2006 and continued through November 2007.

McCallum met the boy at a public library when she was tutoring his younger brother in late 2005. She reportedly spent a lot of time with the two boys, as they were being raised by a single father and “She tried to mother the child because she felt sorry for them,” says her lawyer, Frederick McDermott. She reportedly let them stay at her house, fed them dinner and gave them rides.

The relationship quickly turned sexual, and McCallum allegedly gave the boy vodka and cranberry drinks, jello shots, and rum. He reports that they first had sex on February 7, 2006 on the couch at her home when her husband slept upstairs. McCallum has been married for five years, and her husband was at her side in court.

The Feb. 7 incident was the beginning of a long affair, where the boy states they had sex approximately every other day for a total of about 300 times. McCallum reportedly ended the affair in November 2007 when she became jealous that he was using the cell phone she had given him to text other girls. They had sex for the last time, and they tearfully exchanged I love yous, according to reports.

McCallum sent the boy 10 love letters, in which she told him she would choose him over her job. In a MySpace message, she reportedly admitted that she was unable to control herself around him.McCallum, who was called “obsessed” by prosecutors, was released after being charged on the seven counts of statutory rape. She must wear a GPS ankle band, and has been fired from her teaching position.

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