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jon and kate plus 8 new house

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Jon and Kate plus 8 - cute kids but a sad show
Jon and Kate plus 8

jon and kate plus 8 season finale

The season finale of Jon and Kate Plus 8 is stirring up a lot of buzz around the internet as TLC dropped an interesting tag-line to lead into the final episode. With all of the recent press surrounding the show, and rumors
Jon and Kate Plus 8 Season Finale Turning into the Buzz of the Internet
that the parents of the 8 kids
Jon and Kate Plus 8 Season Finale Turning into the Buzz of the Internet(Jon and Kate) might be
getting a divorce, it seems TLC is trying to capitalize off of that energy. Thus the Jon and Kate Plus 8 season finale is getting some pretty nice treatment in an obvious attempt to boost the ratings a little bit more.

The last episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8 saw the show pass 3 million viewers total, cementing it once again as one of the top watched shows on cable, and by far the most successful one that has graced TLC. Those ratings points are easily turned into dollar signs by people at the network, and it is easy to see that if you take a show that is garnering a large audience, and add a little extra flair for drama to the promotion of the show, you are going to end up with more people tuning in to see what might, or might not, happen on upcoming episodes more..

Yesterday afternoon I was at a baby shower (for triplets) and this got us talking about the TV show Jon and Kate plus 8. It was odd because everyone had very intense feelings about this family. Maybe it is because all were Moms or because the shows had certainly taken a turn for the worse, but most of guest started as loyal viewers and have either stopped watching completely or only watch sporadically. This brought us to why, which brought us to Kate which brought us to this –

Twelve Moms that were fans of the show offer ten New Year’s resolutions for Kate of Jon and Kate plus 8. We know she is busy so we made the list for her:

10. I will give to others without the camera rolling and being a spokesperson so my children will actually have a reason to follow that example.

9. I will quit complaining about my so called “tight budget” and crying poor while being paid to make a TV show, get free clothing, take lavish trips and are move into a multimillion dollar home!.

8. I will let my children get dirty and have cupcakes on their birthdays even if they don’t eat their dinner so they won’t remember me as a control freak, killjoy and grow up into ones themselves.

7. I will take Mady in for counseling or therapy before her behavior escalates. I will have take time with her alone and really LISTEN to her and try to help her see she is loved and not just a side show of the Jon and Kate plus 8 shows. I will make sure she gets any (and all) the professional help she needs NOW and for good measure I will take Cara in for a session as she may just be handling things inward.

6. I will quit begging for (and then taking) money (love offerings) from hard working people on church tours. These are hard working people who actually work to make a living and are giving from their heart because they BELIEVE you need the money, which you obviously, but they do!

5. I will love my children equally. I will not tell my boys they are gross or icky or Mady is like Jon because she is a screamer? I will be more aware of what I say to my children and understand that my words can sting for a lifetime.

4. I will turn my focus on love and family and not money. I will remember that my kids see and hear everything I do and make my choices accordingly. I choose to bring them into this world and I will treat them with love as I care and protect them on a daily basis.

3. I will stop showing my children in the shower and on the potty. I will wise up and understand how inappropriate it is to having a crew not only filming these scenes when I am in the room, but even more so when it is just the kids, the crew and camera as well as showing them on TV as entertainment. I will remember I am the parent, stop these tapings and start protecting my children from inappropriate exploitation.

2. I will stop belittling Jon. I will stop screaming at Jon. I will stop insulting Jon. I will stop insulting Jon him behind his back, to the camera, in front of the kids and to his face. I will try and remember I love Jon and choose to be with him for more reasons than the show is called Jon and Kate plus 8!
1. I will stop making a living on the backs of my children because I really do love them and understand what this is teaching them. They are NOT a circus act; their privacy should not be sold off to the highest bidder.

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